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Productivity and Happiness: The Power of Simple Strategies in the Workplace

Most modern businesses have concerns about productivity: it’s about efficiency and producing more output from fewer resources.

What is not always so clear is the link between being more productive and being happy. Tidiness can improve happiness, clearing a “to do” list can improve happiness, and feeling a sense of achievement can improve happiness.


Simple, achievable goals can help to create a happy workplace, but improving productivity relies on a little more.

Boredom can bring work rates down, so targets must be challenging, but still within reach. A sense of purpose (“who I am” not “what I do”) can make all the difference and that can be seen more in behaviours than in role specifications.

A little regular exercise, a conscious effort to tidy-up and indulging in random acts of kindness are features that can be found in the most productive employees.

Managing, and improving, productivity is harder and takes some specialised activity. But we can support managers with that and teach them to achieve through a simple mantra – everyone can be happy.

It’s important to note that we conduct mental health assessments using various assessment tools, interviews, and clinical observations. We typically perform confidential and non-judgmental assessments to provide individuals with the necessary support and guidance to improve their mental wellbeing.

“Mental Health at Work is a fast growth issue for employers. Knowing what (and how!) you should deal with it is an essential skill that we provide for our customers.”

Patrick Chamberlain

Director, Hanovers Care

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