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Hanovers Care’s advisory services on employment and mental health involve providing guidance and support to managers, employees, or organisations to help them address and manage mental health issues in the workplace.

These services are designed to promote a healthy and supportive work environment while assisting managers in balancing staff mental health needs with their employment responsibilities.

The key aspects of our advisory services on employment and mental health:

Mental Health Awareness

These services often include increasing awareness of mental health issues in the workplace. This may involve education and training programs for employees and management to help them recognise the signs of mental health challenges and reduce the associated stigma.

Support and Counselling

Advisory services may offer access to mental health professionals or counsellors who can provide confidential support and guidance to employees facing mental health issues.

Workplace Policies and Procedures

Advisors may help organisations develop and implement policies and procedures that support employees’ mental health. This could involve flexible work arrangements, clear guidelines for requesting mental health leave, and strategies for managing workplace stress.

Conflict Resolution

These services can assist in resolving workplace conflicts related to mental health issues, ensuring fair and compassionate treatment while maintaining productivity and a harmonious work environment.

Return-to-Work Plans

For employees who have taken time off due to mental health challenges, advisory services can help create structured return-to-work plans that gradually reintegrate the individual into their job.

Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs)

Many organisations provide EAPs as part of their benefits package. These programs offer various services, including counselling and referral to mental health professionals, to support employees’ emotional and mental well-being.

Wellness Initiatives

Advisory services may also help develop workplace wellness programs encouraging physical and mental well-being. Such initiatives can include stress management workshops, mindfulness training, and physical fitness programs.

Legal and Compliance Guidance

Advisors can help organisations understand and comply with relevant employment laws and regulations related to mental health, ensuring that they meet legal obligations while supporting their employees.

The specific services provided may vary depending on the organisation’s needs and the expertise of the advisory service providers. The goal is to create a workplace that supports employees’ mental health and well-being while maintaining productivity and a positive work culture.

“Mental Health at Work is a fast growth issue for employers. Knowing what (and how!) you should deal with it is an essential skill that we provide for our customers.”

Patrick Chamberlain

Director, Hanovers Care


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