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Occupational Mental Health

The awareness and occurrence of mental health issues have grown rapidly in society over the past decade and show no signs of slowing. Occupational Mental Health is a professional service employers can use to ensure that they and their people are best equipped for mental health challenges.

We are geared to help employers understand and manage mental health issues that might arise within their workforces. We can advise, we can diagnose, and we can provide treatments to an appropriate degree for any given situation.

Organisations that prioritise the good mental health of their workforce cultivate an environment that goes beyond legal obligations and can be conducive to better productivity and long-term success.

Managing mental health at work can contribute significantly to creating a workplace that prioritises and supports employees, fostering resilience and satisfaction. It can also help ensure a secure and safe work environment that protects all and enhances employee delivery.

If you are concerned about mental health at your workplace or with any of your employees, call us on +44 (0)7508 201102 or click the button below to arrange a consultation. We can advise, commission assessments or therapy, and provide training or organisational improvements.


Evaluation of an individual’s mental and emotional wellbeing to identify any issues.


Guidance and support to help address and manage mental health issues in the workplace.


Our approach to addressing mental health and emotional well-being.


Simple, achievable goals can help to create a happy workplace, but improving productivity relies on a little more.

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