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Hanovers care

Occupational Mental Health Consultants

HANOVERS CARE is a dedicated bespoke consultancy providing comprehensive assistance to businesses and their workforces across a wide array of industries.

Our expertise lies in two core areas:

Mental Health

Our specialisation extends to mental health concerns, where we excel in providing assessment, guidance, and support.


We specialise in employment-related matters, offering profound insights and solutions.

Most particularly, we specialise in the places where these two overlap.

Our Services

Mental Health Solutions for your Workplace


We assess an individual’s mental and emotional wellbeing, identify any issues, and gain a thorough understanding of their mental health.


Guidance for managing workplace mental health and support for managers in balancing employee wellbeing with job responsibilities.


We employ various methods to address mental health and emotional wellbeing, each with unique focuses, training, and methodologies.


We support managers in enhancing productivity through specialised activities and a simple mantra: everyone can be happy.

About Us

Who We Are

HANOVERS CARE brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in addressing employment issues and promoting mental well-being.

Our approach is solution-oriented, focusing on identifying both short-term and long-term needs of our clients. We then design and implement programs that yield tangible and valuable outcomes.

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